"Hi, I'm here to connect you to follow-up care within our health system."

Improve quality and increase revenue with a Concierge in your emergency department.

What is a Concierge?

My name is Sophie and I'm an emergency department Concierge. I'm your patient navigator, consultant, and customer service representative all in one.

Let me show you how our process works:

Patient Retention

At discharge, I arrange follow-up for treat-and-release emergency department patients, including ambulatory appointments, imaging, and post-acute care. I use Stat, our mobile software system, to match patients with appropriate resources.

My job is to connect patients with resources within your health system’s network, reducing patient “leakage,” avoiding readmissions, and improving population health.

Constant contact

After patients go home, they’ll receive a text message, email, or phone callback from me or one of my colleagues to ensure that follow-up is completed.

Similar to targeted advertising, we use patient data collected over time to determine when to reach out and what to say to keep patients engaged.

Statistics and analytics

The data that Concierges collect become valuable intelligence about your emergency department and health system.

When you access Stat as a hospital administrator, you can view real-time patient satisfaction, network retention (“leakage”), and financial data.

The Benefits

More high-quality

We increase post-acute referrals, and match patients to the correct providers.

Reduce no-shows and inappropriate visits

We match patients with the appropriate providers in your network.

Reduce hospital readmissions and ED revisits

Avoid readmission penalties and claim pay-for-performance incentives.

Improve coordination of care

ACOs and PCMHs, rejoice. Ensure your patients receive timely, integrated care.

Incredible analytics

Be empowered with rich data. Visualize referral patterns and identify gaps in care.

No IT needed

We'll integrate with your EMR, or use us as a standalone service and go live today.


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